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Your home's not going to be a 'Smart Home' until you educate it. That means giving it some brains. And that's where we come in.

NControl was established to take our homes and businesses to the next level using simple, intuitive control devices to wrangle them into submission, making a more simplified yet sophisticated way of life into a reality. 

Our Team is at the cusp of what it means to be ... NControl. With smart innovations from the industry's leading providers, best brands, integrated technologies, system design, experience, and continuing education, your NControl solutions is readily at hand.

We can install anything from TV's to multi-room audio to home cinema systems to complete home networks which intelligently control lighting, security, heating/ air, and entertainment.

NControl specializes in the highest quality Smart Home automation, home cinema, and security, predominantly for the domestic market. We bring technology into homes by dealing directly with home owners, working under architects, and by working with interior designers or building contractors.

Whether you're building or renovating, NControl's systems add value and convenience to boot. When it comes to design, we will work to budgets and we will work to our client's expectations. We will not cheapen our brand by supplying and building our systems that does not allow our clients the highest quality experience. You'll get the energy savings your bottom line demands, with the amenities you crave. 

Simply said, NControl means our custom designed marvels of technology are there to put your living space perfectly in tune with your moods, your movements and your unique way of doing things. With our tailored and discrete solutions, your home or business will seem to be operating by magic.


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n control

n control, together with product and system manufacturers, markets, sells, designs, installs, services, and supports a full range of customized discrete Smart Home residential and small business systems concerning entertainment, environment, and security, as either stand alone or completely integrated systems, wireless, hard wired, controlled by wall mounted touch control, remote control, or mobile device, which can be installed at virtually any stage of building construction.