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Be secure and be at ease with a NControl state-of-the-art security system, designed towork in-sync with you and our "Smart Home" technology.

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For a king to secure his castle, it's essential for him to engage a sentry... loyal, vigilant, cool under fire, and efficient in its duty.

Though the needs and the strategies to secure your castle and family really haven't changed much, the methods have come a long way since moats and alligators were all the rage.

Your automated Smart Home is your playground, your fortress, and your sanctuary. It's your space, where you can express yourself and enjoy the luxuries of your lifestyle. Of course, it is important to protect your private space and your loved ones with some form of a home security system. And there's no better way to control it all than with our intelligent, fully automated solution at your fingertips.

At NControl, we understand how important security is to our clients. And it is our aim to provide the highest standards of protection for all areas of your home, office and business. With hi-definition cameras and audio, door access and remote controls, you can monitor and record any activity on your property. You'll be able to see and communicate with people at the front door and view your home and property from any angle, regardless of where you might happen to be.

We use today's technology to help you control the lighting, blinds and shades, which can be set to turn on or off and open or close automatically with an intelligent security panel, or by your command from your office, home, or favorite vacation spot.

Simply controlled with your wall mounted touch pad or your favorite tablet, iPad, computer or Smart Phone, our security system will then interface with a vast array of electronic devices that can watch your home, sense a threat, notify you, call the local athourities, sound a high volume alert, flash lights to ward the intruder off, and record all the action.

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