Be Smart

Having complete control of everything electronic in your home used to be but just a dream. The world of technology is ever expanding with each passing day.And being able to control all of it from just your finger is all reality.

The NControl systems are your custom designed marvels of smart technology. And with the advent of the tablet and iPad age, we're constantly being fascinated by all of the tools being adapted to our tablets, pads, computers and smart phones. Controlling your home takes as little effort as... a push on a touchscreen.

Now, imagine your living space, perfectly in tune with your mood, your movements and your unique way of your lifestyle. A home that seems to... read your mind in anticipation of your needs and entertainment. Perhaps a sleek cinema screen drops down into your living room, while the curtains close and the lighting dims to set the ultimate home theater scene.This may sound like a futuristic fantasy, but Smart Home automation is fast becoming a reality for those looking for a more simplified, yet sophisticated way of life. Enjoy the luxury of a fully controlled intelligent home, designed to make life simpler, safer and more efficient. A home that can be brought to life from almost anywhere you are on the planet. Last, but not the least, all of this smart home magic is becoming more affordable than ever before.


Use an NControl system to create the perfect home environment any time of day or night. Regulate your home's security, lighting, temperature, blinds and shades and even the appliances. Select your entertainment: a movie to watch in your family room, your bedroom, kitchen, home cinema, or, if you prefer, on all of them! Or just relax to the sound of your favorite music with your whole house audio.


Set the mood outdoors with lighting and water feature controls. Adjust the temperature of your swimming pool or hot tub from- no matter where you are. Imagine a morning dip in the perfect pool or arriving home from a long day to a pre-heated Jacuzzi. Or just tell your home when to water the lawn.

Visually scan your home, your yard and entrance ways. See and talk to friends, delivery services, or whoever may approach your door from- no matter where you are.


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